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We are
John and Debi Friedlander
PO Box 28
Haddam, CT 06438
(860) 345-8686

Why do we do this?

Not to make money, that's for sure -- we do this for the love of great music in a cool space. But hosting these private musical events does have other rewards:

  • We love live music, especially in intimate, smoke-free settings.
  • We value community. What better way to find your community than to gather a group of people who share one of your passions?
  • There are two ways to live in an interesting area. Move to someplace interesting, or help create something interesting. We choose to do both.

Yeah, but what's in it for us?

  • We get to enjoy a group of friends and neighbors we see and communicate with regularly.
  • We get to hang out with fellow musicians we like and respect.
  • This is a lot of work, and we insist on doing it well. As our friends and neighbors see our commitment to excellence and integrity we hope they will think of us when they need our professional services.

So what do we do in "real life"?

Funny we should ask. This is what we do to pay the mortgage and heating bills for this beautiful space:

  • Real estate. We are the area's most creative real estate team. Our photography and design skills add to our ability to market homes beautifully, and distinguish us from other agents. We love working with people and helping them make their dreams come true. Do you have a friend or family member thinking of buying or selling a home or moving their place of business? Put us in touch and we will be happy to follow up immediately.

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